Close the gate with BDS

Fed up with people using your drive as a turning circle? Want to know who is approaching your house without having to make a visual check? BDS can help you.

Whether your drive is 10 yards or a quarter of a mile long, you can take control of who is on your property at all times with a remote controlled gate. At the same time you make life more convenient for yourself; no more getting out of the car on a wet and windy night to open your gates, simply use the pocket-sized remote control from the comfort of your car and you have swift and easy access to your drive.

Remote controlled gates come in all shapes and sizes – and a variety of finishes too.

Hardwood gates can be of two basic types – Open style and Close boarded. The choice of hardwood ensures dimensional stability and a long life span. Close boarded gates require special care in the choice of operator as wind-loading can be significant.

Steel gates are available in a variety of designs, both off-the-shelf and bespoke. All are typically galvanised with a powder coated finish for long life.

Piers are the key to the reliable long-term operation of the gate. They can be supplied in timber, stone, brick or steel, depending on the style of gate and the location.

Operators are selected taking into account the weight and length of the gates, together with the frequency of operation. All can be over-ridden in case of power failure.

You can also choose between sliding and swing gates, depending on the space available. Additional features include timed gate opening, key switch entry, audio or video intercom and control, keypad entry, auto entry or exit.

In fact, BDS can design a system to fit any requirements from their extensive range of ‘building blocks’!

But whatever you choose, your gate remains firmly closed until you decide to open it.

Automatic gate installation
Step 1
Add Gate Posts
Step 2
Install Electrics
Step 3
Install Sensors
Step 4
Resurface Area
Step 5
Install the Gates

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