Say goodbye to uninvited guests with BDS

The easiest way for an intruder to gain access to your property is probably by the most obvious route – through a door! All too often this happens when the premises are occupied but the owners are distracted and unaware of the threat.

Securing your property is easy with the help of BDS.

It makes sense to guard your family and your property against unwanted and uninvited guests at all times of the day or night. This can be achieved through a variety of access systems:

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Door entry systems Controlled gates Electronically operated garage doors

BDS will carry out a full survey of all entry points to your property and advise which are vulnerable to a break-in. Then they will devise a bespoke and cost effective system to upgrade your security and protect your valuables, ensuring that it is appropriate to your needs and easy for you and your family to understand and operate.

Installation is carried out by fully trained and qualified staff who understand your concerns and work hard to ensure that your life is not disrupted unnecessarily.

BDS – for peace of mind and a local, friendly service. Contact BDS today for a free, no obligation quote. Tel/Fax:01525 4042 20 Mob:07966 4042 20

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