Your BDS bespoke alarm system

Electronic alarm systems from BDS come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of components designed to offer differing levels of protection.

For maximum protection, each building requires a bespoke system and BDS will make a full survey before suggesting which elements of the system will offer you maximum peace of mind and best value for money. Once the specification is agreed BDS will source the components, ensuring that they comply with all relevant standards and are of the highest manufacturing quality.

There are five main components which can be used in different combinations to provide the appropriate level of protection:

  • Control panel:
    • The brain of the system which takes information from the sensors and initiates the appropriate reaction
  • Remote keypad:
    • Used when the control panel is installed in a less accessible position, often deliberately to give added protection
  • Communications:
    • Messages can be directed via analogue, digital or mobile connections to pass information from the control panel to a third party
  • Detection devices:
    • The eyes and ears of the system, intruders can be detected using magnetic contacts, vibration detectors, passive infra-red movement detectors or microwave sensors
  • Siren and bell boxes:
    • Audible warning equipment which is clearly visible as a deterrent and when combined with a strobe light, gives visual indications to the householder and the police

Whatever your security requirements, BDS can design and install a system using the highest quality components, at sensible prices.

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