Safe and secure with BDS

 When you need extra security it’s time to call in the experts – BDS.

With the skill and expertise gained from designing and installing sophisticated systems, BDS will carry out a full survey of your property and advise you of the steps you can take to beat even the most determined intruder.

Security products fall into two main categories:

Physical Electronic

Shutters and bars for windows and doors

Intruder Alarms, from a basic dummy bell box to a sophisticated system with remote dial-in and speech dialler or comms

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Not everyone, however, needs a full alarm system. The security of some properties can be drastically improved with just a small amount of work. For instance, you can make a big difference yourself for a relatively minor investment by:

  • Fitting dead locks to all outside doors
  • Installing locks to all your windows, upstairs and downstairs
  • Marking all your property with your postcode, using a security marker pen
  • Investing in timers for the lights and TV
  • Fitting motion detecting floodlights around the perimeter of your building
  • Adding a trellis to the top of your garden fence or wall

There are even some simple steps you can take that will improve the security of your premises and won’t cost you a penny!

  • Close and lock all your windows and doors, even if you are only going out for a short time
  • Don’t leave keys in the locks or hidden in a ‘safe’ place outside – burglars know all the ‘safe’ places to look!
  • Secure patio doors with a metal bar or wooden dowel in the track
  • Leave some lights on to give the impression that the building is occupied
  • Keep your garden plants trimmed to allow good visibility from both inside and outside
  • Lock away garden tools, ladders, children toys, bikes etc
  • Make sure your garage door is locked and secure
  • Ask neighbours to check there is no mail showing through the letterbox or front door and remember to cancel your newspapers when you are away
  • Listen to your answering machine message – do you tell people you are out or away?


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